Project 2 - Bullet Hell

8 weeks halftime

The second game project we got to work on at The Game Assembly was a schmup. We decided to make a colourful bullet hell game about a pilot escaping an apocalyptic planet and reaching the freedom of open space while shooting everything that stands in the way of achieving that goal.

Main contributions: 

  • Kitbash set for spaceships
  • Researched/ took care of the whole render pipeline (PBR as well as cellshading, which we switched to)
  • Animated all enemies, bosses and player
  • Made all sprite-sheets for enemies/ bosses
  • Modelled all of the bosses
  • Modelled all of the enemies except two.
  • Modelled the main and pause menu
  • Made the death screen and level complete screen
  • Made the energy up animation
  • Game start icon
  • Small touchups on level one's background¬†